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Subject: RE: [office-formula] serial number? Don't we mean serial date?

Rob, that's a nice breakdown of the cases.

My vote is on the lines of #4 to support the spreadsheet ecumenicalism that
seems to be part of the OpenFormula thrust and also to give the
OpenFormula-hosting specifications and their implementations the discretion
that might be required for them to embrace OpenFormula.

 - Dennis 

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Subject: RE: [office-formula] serial number? Don't we mean serial date?

I think we have four choices here:

[ ... ]

4) Set a default canonical conversion between Numbers and Dates, i.e., 
base 1900, with correct Gregorian leap year calculations, but allow this 
to be overridden by sheet-level attributes in Part 1 that allow an 
implementation to set a different date original, and a leap year 
compatibility flag.  That way, implementation can continue doing what they 
do today, but declare their behavior via these attributes, and those 
implementations that wish to adapt can do so.


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