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Subject: Groups - OpenDocument-part2-draft18-editor-revision (OpenDocument-part2-draft18-editor-revision.odt) uploaded


Another draft of the OpenFormula document for your review!


1) Evaluator (instead of application/implementation) language. (I did not
replace language in the test cases/notes or in the portable language
material that may be about to either go away or be re-worded anyway.)

2) A number of comments that have Office-* links embedded in the text.
Usually with suggested proposals for revision.

3) Extensive revisions/comments in chapters 3 and 4. I am still unhappy
with complex number and reference. 

4) General tidiness with removal of "Note that..." Just say it. (I just saw
another one. Will make another sweep on the next draft.)

5) I think I have caught all the must -> shall instances but need to make
sure they are all true shall cases. 

Rob mentioned there are a lot of "may" cases. I think checking all of those
may be a target for the second CD.

I have *not* incorporated a lot of the suggested and posted fixes this
round. I was more concerned with finishing chapters 2-4 and the other
general edits. 

Rest assured all those fixes, etc. will appear in the next version. 

It anyone has suggestions for wording to use with the matrix examples (or
the Matrix text for that matter) under 2.3, please sing out. I think I know
understand what it is supposed to say but I don't think it (yet) says it
very clearly. 

6) Implementation-defined - We need to define this if we are going to say

7) I think we need to make all the functions targets so we can have cross
references to section numbers and titles. It isn't always obvious where to
look for a cross referenced function. (This is a CD-2 issue.)

I have more material from my notes to enter but I think either it is
getting clearer or the issues we need to resolve may be getting clearer.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!


PS: As I spot more major issues I will make JIRA issues for them and simply
insert the references after we are all on a common text again. 

 -- Patrick Durusau*

The document named OpenDocument-part2-draft18-editor-revision
(OpenDocument-part2-draft18-editor-revision.odt) has been submitted by
Patrick Durusau* to the OpenDocument - Formula SC document repository.

Document Description:
Next draft of OpenFormula

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