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Subject: Summary 2010-03-02 - OpenFormula

Summary 2010-03-02 - OpenFormula

(As always, please reply-all with corrections.)

David A. Wheeler
Eric Patterson
Patrick Durusau
Eike Rathke
Andreas Guelzow
Dennis Hamilton
Michael Brauer
Rob Weir

In this teleconference:
* We noted that Committee Draft 1 voting is nearly done
  (it's currently passing with 16 votes for, 0 against, out of 18).
* We agreed on a new "NEEDS-DISCUSSION"
  marking in titles for JIRA comments where there is disagreement
  or the assignee needs help.
* We discussed and assigned all unassigned comments needed for CD2.



TOPIC: Voting on the CD.

We have 16 votes out of 18 possible, all are currently voting yes.

Andreas: "Some things were misplaced" - namely a graphics chart
(histogram) by the process.
("Page 192"). It's in section 5.18.51 NEGBINOMDIST.

Wheeler: The chart was probably put into a hidden section, and automatically
removed by the document process when the CD was created.

Patrick: It's now on page 194 - at 5.18.51 - it's a chart...
it's not that it's misssing, it's in the wrong place.

Eric: Other graphic object got put in the wrong place too.

Wheeler: We should create a JIRA comment to check the graphic objects.

Patrick: I'll pick that up.. just create a comment.
Some sort of flow problem.

Rob: There's no allowance for production errors in CDs,
so can't do that.

Eric: This will be in the CD - do we want to redo?

Wheeler: This isn't worth a revote.

Eric: We all agree.

TOPIC: Are there open issues that need discussion?

Eric: I'd like to bring up procedure for remaining issues.

Rob: If someone has a concern about a proposal, raise it to the list.

Wheeler: If there's a disagreement, comment on the JIRA comment.

Eric: So how do we identify the "JIRA comments being disagreed on"?

Rob: If I create a resolution, I comment and mark it as "resolved", that
puts it into the queue for adding to the document.  If someone adds a comment
that disagrees, the editor knows not to do it.  Then the it's the commenter's
problem to raise it or work out a resolution.

Eike: Could create keywords to filter.  PROPOSE-DISCUSS isn't quite right.

Eric: What text do I put in?

Wheeler: If you disagree with someone else's proposal, put in JIRA
your objections and the phrase "NEEDS-DISCUSSION" at the beginning of the title.
Then we can find them.  Once done, edit the JIRA comment to remove
"NEEDS-DISCUSSION" from the title.  Similarly, if you need help,

Eike: The problem is that you can't remove "Resolved" status in JIRA.

Rob: OASIS doesn't give us the right to adjust the process.

Rob: You can filter on titles and we can edit the titles.

TOPIC: Unassigned CD2 issues

OFFICE-2565 - Had a discussion on whether or not this text is necessary.
The current text isn't right; something like "honor" (instead of "evaluate")
might work.  Rob Weir will pick them.

Eric: This is really a hosting issue.

Rob: Does an evaluator need to give a defined result?

Wheeler: There are default values for these settings, so if they're not
given, then you still have a value.

OFFICE-2566 - Rob Weir will pick this up.

OFFICE-2451 - Dennis will pick up.  It's actually already resolved.

TOPIC: Trial spreadsheets.

Dennis: I uploaded trial spreadsheets to try out exact integers, etc.,
to help figure out "edges" of numerical calculation.
We can assess for this, without judging them.
This is "NumCheck .10".

Wheeler: I'd rather not spend too much time as a group on this.

Dennis: Doing this so I can experimentally verify proposals on types.

Wheeler: There are already some spreadsheets that store fractions as
fractions (e.g., 1/3); we don't want to forbid that.

--- David A. Wheeler

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