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Subject: Congratulations! OpenFormula Committee Draft 1 (CD1) passed!

I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in the Office Formula (OpenFormula) Subcommittee.  The vote on Committee Draft 1 (CD1) of Open Document Format
part 2 (OpenFormula) has passed - resoundingly.

The final tally for the vote on CD1 of OpenDocument part 2 (OpenFormula) is here:
Out of 18 eligible members, 17 (94%) voted yes, 0 voted "abstain" or "no", and
1 did not vote.  That is FANTASTIC participation, with resounding acceptance of this
version as a committee draft.  I think this vote is strong evidence that we are
headed in the right direction.

I think everyone will agree that there's MUCH more work to do, and we'll need to do it.
So please don't stop!!! In particular, please work hard to resolve all issues, both those
you've accepted as assignments to lead, and any others where you have information
that could help resolve the it.  You can see the current OpenFormula issue status here:

But I also think it's appropriate to say "congratulations" to everyone who has participated,
and to thank all of you for your (continued) hard work.


--- David A. Wheeler

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