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Subject: OpenFormula CD 02 and following

I'm not writing up detailed minutes for the subcommittee meeting 
yesterday, but I wanted to document one things that we discussed, namely 
the schedule for the next CD.

The recommendation on the call was to aim to complete all important issue 
resolutions for CD 02 by April 1, then the week when we don't have a call 
due to Easter, for Patrick (or Eike) to apply the fixes, then send that 
for a CD 02 vote. 

At that point, the attention several members on the subcommittee will turn 
to the next CDs of Part 1 and Part 3, since those public comment periods 
will have ended.  However, those remaining members with a primary interest 
in OpenFormula may continue to resolve issues for a CD 03.   We'll need to 
pick a date for the CD 03 so it aligns with the date for the common public 
review of all three parts.


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