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Subject: Office-1184


Any comments or objections to Office-1184?


Currently requests adding to MATCH

Constraint: SearchRegion must be a vector (a single row or column).

The constraints on MATCH (in my working copy) read:

-1 <= MatchType <= 1; The searched portion of SearchRegion must not include logical values. Evaluators may evaluate expressions that do not meet the constraint that the searched portion of a SearchRegion not include logical values.

I think the request is *incorrect* because the syntax allows an Array, which would not be a single row or column.


Hope everyone is having a great day!


Patrick Durusau
Chair, V1 - US TAG to JTC 1/SC 34
Convener, JTC 1/SC 34/WG 3 (Topic Maps)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

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