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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Sections 4.8 Reference and 5.8 References?

Patrick Durusau:
> While inserting the cross-references for David/Eike's recasting of
> expression calculation, I noticed we have two reference sections? 

Sure.  They're in different chapters, so that shouldn't be confusing.
> 4.8 is the data type reference but has more than just data type information.
> 5.8 has the syntax and lots of other information about references.

As you noted, section 4 is about the type, section 5 is about the syntax
(which lets you express them).

> I will open a JIRA issue but wanted to alert everyone that we need to
> think rather quickly about what and how to move from 4.8 to 5.8.

If moving text from one place to another would help readability, that's great,
but I agree that it needs to happen quickly if it's to happen at all in this version.

--- David A. Wheeler

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