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Subject: roundmap

Patrick, FYI, Michael asked today that the SC chairs provide the TC 
with a roadmap for their work, part to plan the larger ODF release 

I'll just throw out a suggestion that he have a firm deadline of August 
28 for the requirements document, and that if we don't feel like we can 
make that, then perhaps we ought to create groups of tasks, some of 
which might be deferred to a post-1.2 release. This is how the 
accessibility group has been working.

I'm not sure how we have to do the process, but to me it would make 
sense to complete a proposal and bring it to the TC, and then issue a 
public draft through them for comment.

So what I am suggesting as a roadmap then is:

August 28: present use case and requirements document to TC
October 2: present metadata proposal draft to TC
November 6: present final proposal (incorporating public comments) to TC

... or something like that. Just something concrete for discussion.


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