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Subject: relations and bibliographic use case

Let me step back and explain my requirement that the metadata support 
account for the relational character of bibliographic sources. I think 
this is why we had the idea I should post some examples.

The archive I posted/sent yesterday includes two examples of 
bibliographic metadata; the sort of stuff we need to be able to store.

The first one is part-container relations: Article --> Journal, Legal 
Case --> Court Reporter, Chapter --> Book, Track --> Album, and so 

The second is a version relation, in this case between a Book and the 
original. For the example I gave, the formatted bibliography entry 
would include the information about the original, so this sort of 
support is critical in a lot fields (think history).

The example markup and modeling I came up with is based on the 
observation that these are critical relations that are also pretty 
general. The same relations can be important to describe an ODF 
document as a whole. Consider, for example, an organization that has a 
collection of documents that they want to describe as "part of" some 
formal collection of documents, or who want to track versions. I know 
as a user *I* often want to do that (this document is a chapter for 
this book I am writing, this is final draft of this manuscript, etc.).

It so happens that Extended/Qualified Dublin Core has a rich vocabulary 
for just this sort of thing (and also for dates). Rather than invent 
some new way to express this information, then, perhaps specific only 
to bibliographic metadata, it makes more sense to reuse.

Just as a practical point, what in some contexts are documents (images, 
texts, etc.) in other contexts become citations.


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