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Subject: biblio requirements, round 2

Attached is an updated version of the metadata requirements. I have 
reworked it in part following Rob's suggestion, and also made it a 
little more general. Formatting is also more clear, I think, with each 
requirement getting its own heading.

One thing I did not address here (though obviously I did elsewhere) is 
what "extensibility" really means, in part because I see this as a more 
general issue that is essential for us to resolve ASAP.

To me, this question goes back to earlier discussions of levels of 
conformance, and that we should think of distinguishing between 
storage, display, and editing.

base: read and write ODF 1.0 metadata, and preserve all foreign content
rich: base + display of all foreign extension content*
full: rich + editing of all foreign extension content

For the bibliographic use case, rich and full aren't really that 
important, because the data is there mostly for processing and 
transport of data, and this would typically be managed by other 

I *might* be able to make Thursday's call (though maybe to leave a 
little early), but will know more later.


* My demo shows how this is easy to do with an RDF profile and standard 
XML tools.



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