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Subject: Re: [office-metadata] notes on RDF profiling

On Aug 23, 2006, at 4:29 PM, John C Barstow wrote:

>> In my bibliographic demo, I got addressed this by using a more generic
>> typed node "bib:Reference" and then indicated subclass using a dc:type
>> property. So from an RDF standpoint, there is effectively one type.
> You could also have used rdfs:subClassOf which is more effective for
> most RDF toolchains.

This design decision was mostly tied to the XML and ODF issues. E.g. do 
I include all 55 or so of the classes I've identified in the OWL schema 
in the RELAX NG schema*, or just the two primary ones that the rest 
descend from?

This is a level of detail that's not important to sort out now, but 
will be at some point if we do in fact use RDF.

>> 6)  containers and collections
>> Standard rdf containers are Seq, Alt and Bag. These are just ways to
>> wrap properties. They're also one of the reason non-RDF people scream
>> about the syntax.
> rdf:parseType="Collection" gets rid of the nasty syntax.

Though not for Alt and Bag. Compare this (old) version of vCard:

      <vCard:EMAIL>          <rdf:alt>
             <rdf:li> corky@qqqfoo.com </rdf:li>
             <rdf:li> info@qqqfoo.com </rdf:li>
             <rdf:li> corky2000cool@hotmail.com </rdf:li>

... with the new version put together by Norm Walsh (which I based mine 


Seems the latter is not only cleaner syntax from an XML POV, but better 
RDF modeling (granted, though, you need some reasoning support in your 
system if you query for all vcard:email properties and want them all 

Likewise, better (from both an XML and an RDF perspective) to do:

	<dc:title xml:lang="en">Title</dc:title>
	<dc:title xml:lang="es">Titulo</dc:title>

... than use Alt stuff like:

           <rdf:li xml:lang="en">Title</rdf:li>
           <rdf:li xml:lang="es">Titulo</rdf:li>

XMP, for example, *requires* the latter.


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