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Subject: Wednesday agenda

Can I suggest that on Wednesday we reserve a decent chunk of time to 
settle both the roadmap and a reasonable plan to deliver?

I've been going over the use cases again to see where we can 
consolidate with the requirements, and I'm a worried we're going to 
have problems if we don't focus quickly.

Also, I'm concerned that I have yet to hear any consensus on any of the 
requirements I've so far put on the table. Do we really have no 
consensus, for example, on whether we need extensibility, and what that 
might mean?

I'd suggest maybe we have 40 minutes to cover two new use cases 
(enhanced search, and ___), and the rest on how we move forward.

We ought to be able to end up at the end of the call with a roadmap, 
and at least agreement on the requirements that cover three of the use 

FWIW, I think the requirements for the bibliographic case also cover 
the majority of the use cases (though in some cases they may have 
additional requirements that are mostly about linking content with 
metadata descriptions; something already covered in the previously 
approved citation proposal for the most part).


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