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Subject: good job, next steps

So good job everyone; we're now ready to get on to the interesting part!

WRT to the notion that we can think about splitting up the propsal  
into pieces, I've created a proposal page on the wiki at ...


... which in turn links to two separate pages: one that is bascially  
how to encode and store the metadata in the package, and the other  
how to associate content with those descriptions. I think this will  
both yield a better proposal that is easier to implement, but also  
makes our work process easier.

We might actually have a third sub-page which is about the officially  
blessed vocabularies or extension modules.

That way, we basically have three parts:

1)  model and encoding (probably a generic RELAX NG schema and text  
description, both of which I've already started on)

2)  content integration (prabably a small handful of attributes, and  
maybe a new field)

3)  modules (a list of terms (from DC, vCard, etc.), and maybe  
accompanying RELAX NG schemas)


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