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Subject: Re: [office-requirements] Starting up ...

bobj@dst.gov.za wrote on 09/04/2008 06:24:28 AM:

> Greetings and apologies for the long quietness.  I was in Brazil 
> last week and returned to something of an email blackout.  I am back
> up and running again now.
> We need to plan for a an inaugural first conference call.  Can I 
> suggest Wednesday in two weeks (17 Sep)?  Looking at the current 
> geographical spread of members of the SC I am guessing that the same
> time as the TC call, 14h00 GMT, should be at least workable for most 

I can make it then.

> In the interim I will work on an agenda (and figure out how to set 
> up the call) so please send through any agenda items you might want 
> to add.  The first call is likely to be a fairly open discussion as 
> we brainstorm modes of operation.

1. Appoint editor(s) for the report

2. How do we organize our work, in terms of tooling?  We'll be dealing 
with 200-500 ideas if we open this up to public input.  We need to 
classify, short, prioritize these all. A spreadsheet gives the 
sorting/filtering needed, but limits us to a single editor at a time.  A 
wiki is more open, but doesn't have support for sorting and filtering.

3. Outreach for feature ideas -- who/how/when?


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