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Subject: Re: [office-requirements] Starting up ...

"Bob Jolliffe" <bobjolliffe@gmail.com> wrote on 09/05/2008 10:48:00 AM:
> Does anybody know what can or can't be hosted on oasis?  Or are we
> restricted to the basic structure which is provided?  Would it be
> allowed (or even proper) to host a "tool" outside of oasis?

OASIS will be very conservative with regards to the tools used to 
initially collect ideas from members and the public.  So all ideas from 
the public would need to come through the public comment list, and all TC 
member ideas need to come to the mailing list or the document library. 
This is all to protect the IP pedigree of our work.

Information coming in will probably be 100% list traffic, and will be 
unstructured by default.  We could encourage some structure by posting a 
sample "form" for submitting new proposals, just a handful of fields.  To 
the extent people follow that form, it will allow automatic transcoding of 
the data, or at the very least easier manual data entry.

If we want to use an additional tool to slice and dice the comments, to 
prioritize them, classify them, etc., then I think we can use anything the 
SC agrees to, whether hosted by OASIS or not.  But for IPR reasons, we 
would want it to have controlled access.

The final report would be posted to the TC's file library.

So, as long as the inputs follow OASIS contribution rules, and our output 
is put into an OASIS document library, I think we have some latitude to 
choose appropriate tools to facilitate the analysis work in the middle.

How many comments do we think we are talking about?   We probably have 50 
of them today in the public comment list which we could classify as 
"feature requests".  A broadly publicized call for ODF-Next features would 
probably get us 300-500, ranging from minutia to broad requests. As a TC 
member, I'd probably submit 20 or so ideas, and this may be similar for 
other TC members. 

So I think we need to be able to handle on the order of 1000 comments. 


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