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office-requirements message

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Subject: comments collection


During the meeting of 21 October we decided that:
(1) we needed to produce a "call for input" text to initiate a 60 day
collection of comments from the public period; and that
(2) I would follow up with Mary regarding the possibilities of
creating a separate comments list for collecting comments for the
requirements SC.

We did not assign the task of (1) to anyone.  On (2), feedback from
Mary is that we will not be able to have our separate list.  This
means we will have to use the main TC comment list and probably use
some sort of keyword (eg. Requirements, Next, ..) to demultiplex these
comments from the others.

Please make use of this list to discuss ideas on how this might best
work.  I will schedule a meeting for Tues 18 and we can finalize a


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