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office-requirements message

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Subject: Requirements meeting of Nov 18

Apologies for not getting these notes out sooner.  The call was attended by:
Bob Jolliffe
Rob Weir
Michael Bauer
Bettina Haberer (not yet on requirements roster)
Doug Mahugh

It was decided that Bob would look into how much we could achieve by way of using mailto: urls in the wiki to pre-format mail to the comments list.  It is expected that we will be able to import the data into jira. 

Rob Weir would prepare a first stab at "call for comments" which we would discuss via email and approve in an upcoming TC meeting.  Once we have agreement we can circulate and publicise the call for comments, including asking Robin Covers to include it on his OASIS daily news.

Regarding the mailto: suggestion, this is what I have found:
I can either generate an email with the subject or with the body prepopulated, but not both.  Which means we can either:
(1) inject REQUIREMENTS into the subject line and provide a simple template to be cut-and-paste into the body
(2) auto-insert the template into the body and request the user enter REQUIREMENTS in the subject line.

I think (1) would be better, but I'm open to suggestions.  We will want to provide a simple template either way as the mailto: link will not necessarily work with popular web based mail client software.

I am not exactly clear what such a template might look like.  Something like:

Bob Jolliffe


suggestions for some categories????


your text hear ...

Do we need to go any finer grained than this?


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