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Subject: Groups - requirements_draft_03_06_2009.ods uploaded


I have uploaded a calc spreadsheet which is automatically generated via
xslt from the issues tagged as a fix for ODF-Next on Jira.  Its a first
stab and there's some work to be done with it.

Unfortunately not all requirements submissions have come through the
prescribed process - in an email with fields marked up as +TITLE, +NAME,
+SCOPE etc.  What I have done in my primitive jira2ods xslt transformation
is to follow the URLs listed in the jira issue and parse this information
out.  Two possible fixes to the process would be:

1. for me to re-post the unformatted public comment (perhaps to the
odf-next list) and put in the required fields.  Then edit the jira issue so
that it points at the new mail message.

2. create the requirements fields as "first class" jira issue attributes
for a requirement.  I don't know how to do that, but I suspect it is
doable.  Then manually edit them.

The other alternative is to do nothing so fancy and just manually maintain
the list. 

In addition we have a list of 46 TC proposals
(http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/List_of_Proposals) which are "in
progress" but have not been approved.  Given that we did a freeze on new
proposals for odf 1.2 I am assuming that each of these will also
potentially be a requirement for odf-next.


 -- Mr. Bob Jolliffe

The document named requirements_draft_03_06_2009.ods has been submitted by
Mr. Bob Jolliffe to the OpenDocument - Requirements document repository.

Document Description:
ODF-Next requirements

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Download Document:  

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-OASIS Open Administration

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