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Subject: Moving forward on the ODF-Next Report

It looks like we've caught up on the public comments on JIRA.  Also, I've 
transcribed all of the deferred ODF 1.2 member proposals into JIRA as 
ODF-Next proposals.  So I believe that all ODF-Next proposals, public and 
member, are now in JIRA.


At the upcoming OpenOffice.org Conference on November 4th I have a session 
called "ODF-Next" where I was hoping to discuss some of the trends and 
themes from the ODF-Next proposals.  The work I need to do to create that 
presentation overlaps significantly with the work we need to do to move 
forward with our ODF-Next paper deliverable.    In fact, I think the 
presentation may just be an overview of a draft of our paper. 

In any case I'd recommend the following steps:

1) Transcribe all ODF-Next proposals into a spreadsheet.  I think JIRA 
makes this easy.  I think we want columns for 

a) Proposer
b) Short summary of proposal
c) Component (taken from JIRA)
d) Theme (one of 5-7 "themes" which we can identify, such as MS Office 
compatibility" or "Improve East Asian support"

2) I'll create this initial spreadsheet and upload it to the SC's document 

3) I think the paper would be simple:

a) Introduction explaining the SC, the call for proposals, the relevant 
dates, etc.

b) A disclaimer that none of this report represents a promise or guarantee 
that the given features will be included in ODF-Next.   And the fact that 
something is not in the list does not mean we will not decide to add it.,

c) A narrative that discusses the major themes of the proposals received.

d) A list to a JIRA query that lists all of the ODF-Next proposals.   Or 
if we wanted we could list a table of all such comments, with links back 
to JIRA for each one.

e)  I know we talked at one time of having an Acknowledgements page that 
listed all those who submitted comments, but appears that OASIS only 
permits us to list TC members.

Any other things we should be doing on this?

Since I'm the one with the paper deadline, I'm willing to do the leg work 
on the paper.  But in return I'd like to have timely comments on my draft 
which I hope to upload next week.



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