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Subject: Current status


I've been looking through the current status of issues targeted for
ODF-Next.  These being jira issues with a fix-for-version set as


There are 213 such issues currently, of which 92 have not been
categorized ie. not assigned to a component.  I think the first
priority is to work through these and get them classified.  Do people
agree?  I tried doing this today but there is some problem with my
jira login which I'm still trying to resolve :-(.  I really hope I can
solve it soon.  Of course the 92 only represent those issues which are
currently tagged odf-next.  That number will surely grow as more
issues get relegated into this zone.

Following that we need to determine how best to convert all of this
into an ordered plan of action.  I'd welcome some discussion on how
best to proceed with this.  I'm thinking the best approach would be to
go through category by category and try and summarize themes, related
issues, major upheavals vs minor edits etc.


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