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Subject: [office] Open Office XML Format Technical Meeting Agenda 16 Dec 2002

Open Office XML Format TC
Agenda Phone Conference 16 Dec 2002

The Open Office XML Format Technical Committee will have its first
meeting on Monday, December the 16th, at 8am PT (4pm GMT, 5pm CET) for
upto 4 hours over the phone.

The teleconference phone number is +1.888.422.7141 from US and
+1.334.832.4208 internationally. The participiant code is 288285.

Attendance to the conference is restricted to members and prospective
members of the committee.

Since it is on the agenda to arrange further phone meetings and the
committee's face-to-face meeting, I would like to ask all attendees to
have a calendar and a mapping from your local time zone to the pacific
time zone and to GMT available at the meeting.

In prepration of the meeting, I would also like to ask all attendes:

- to think about a short introduction of yourself. It should be about
    one minute and should not replace a longer introduction at our first
    face to face meeting, where it is much easier to learn about each
    other. If you like to, you might send this introduction (maybe
    together with a photo of yourself) to me before the meeting. I will
    collect them and send them to the office list shortly before the
- to send me the time zone (with offset to GMT) you are (mostly) in
    during the phone conference calls.
- to think about questions you would like to ask Karl Best of OASIS
    regarding the TC process or IPR policy in general.
- to think about questions regarding the Open Office TC charter (for
    instance, purpose, goals, deliverables, schedules).
- to think about standing rules for the TC, especially whether the TC
    should have a standing rule for e-mail voting.


Time (PT)       Topic
---------       -----
8:00-8:05       Welcome By TC chair	
8:05-8:15       Roll Call
                     (Matching names of pre-registered TC members against
                     the meeting attendees in order to determine TC
8:15-8:30       Welcome by Karl Best
                 Review OASIS TC process	
8:30-8:40       Agenda Review
8:40-9:10       Introducing ourselves
9:10-9:40       Review and discussion of TC charter
9:40-9:50       Setup of standing rules
9:50-10:00      Voting/Selection of vice chair, if necessary	
10:00-10:10     Voting/Selection of editor, if necessary	
10:10-10:20     Voting/Selection of webmaster, if necessary	
10:20-10:30     Voting/Selection of secretary, if necessary	
10:30-10:40     Relation with OpenOffice.org	
10:40-10:50     Liaisons with other TC/orgs	
10:50-11:00     Discussion/Acceptance of OpenOffice.org XML file format
11:00-11:10     Arranging face-to-face meeting
                    (Location, Date, Duration)
11:10-11:20     Arranging phone meetings
                    (Weekday, Time, Duration)
11:20-11:40     Normative/Non-Normative schema languages
                    (Start discussuion which schema languages should be
                    normative and which one should be used additionally,
                    but not normative. Might be moved to next meeting if
                    no time is left).
11:40-11:50     New Action-Item-Review	

I'm looking forward to the meeting.

Best regards


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