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Subject: Re: [office] New member to the "Open Office XML Format TC"

Hello David,

> I am a recent new member of OASIS, and as the main developer of KWord
> (the word processor in the KOffice suite, http://www.koffice.org), I am
> interested in the "office XML format" discussions.

Welcome! I'm glad you could make it.

> The TC chart seems to indicate that face-to-face and phone meetings are 
> planned, can I be included in those?

It's all in the meeting minutes. Phone meetings are on mondays except 
for the next week, due to the face-to-face meeting on tuesday/wednesday.

> PS: I will be looking at the OOo file format in more depths, and comparing it 
> with what we need for KWord, as soon as possible, to provide actual input on 
> the matter.

I think so far two issues have been addressed which might affect 
KOffice, maybe you can provide some more input on that:

The first is meta data. There is general agreement that the current OOo 
meta data is not sufficient, and that meta data should be extensible 
with a defined core (or must-have) set of meta data elements. The 
remaining question(s) are on how to extend, and which core elements.

My favorite for the extension is to ask applications to update the meta 
data they know, and to preserve all other content of <office:meta>.

The other issue that came up was a brief discussion about whether to 
allow multiple <office:body> elements in a single document. I seem to 
recall KOffice has a mode in which several runs of text co-exist in a 
single document. This might be a candidate use-case for multiple body 
elements, although I believe the existing text boxes are a better match 
for this capability.


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