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Subject: Back-Tab in WordPerfect and Unicode specifications

As of Thursday, I have not found ANY reference to any back-tab
representation in the Unicode 3.2 specification I have read so far. I do
not expect to see any such code, as the main three sections that deal
with 'formatting' characters do not seem to have any such representation
in any context outside of vertical and horizontal tab. The WordPerfect
file-format specification has a large number of codes that will present
any number of difficulties in representation in the Open-Office XML file

WordPerfect File Format Documentation has this code listed as
variable-function code 224 (0xE0) (documentation which formally was
available on the Corel website). The 'File Format' documentation was
available as part of the help.

My only distributable source is 'offsite'. A link to non-Corel provided
information is at:


I am currently trying to find out what happened to the SDK, but I cannot
guarantee about getting it back for general use and download.

( Note: Unfortunately, I will not be attending the TCON on Monday due to
prior commitments. )

Paul Langille
Software Developer
Corel Corporation

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