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Subject: [office] Specification Documents

Hello all,

as promised, here's the link to our current specification proposals:

As soon as any intermediate version is promoted to draft, a copy will be 
placed on the OASIS site.

It's not much of a page, but it does contain link to the current 
specification proposal straight from the CVS. It also contains links to 
CVS checkout instructions for tracing the document history or checking 
on older version.

The Relax NG for our format is embedded in the specification document, 
for a literate-programming style specification. There's an XSLT, 
extract.xsl, which you can use to extract the current Relax NG from the 
specification document. I.e., use something like
   xsltproc extract.xsl p-open-office-specification.xml
to get the current Relax NG schema.

To ensure (syntactical) correctness of the Relax NG, I use a little 
batch file which
1) extracts Relax NG from the spec,
2) converts the spec from OOo into out format,
3) validates 2) against 1).
This seems to work quite well.


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