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Subject: Re: [office] OASIS Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 10-Mar-03


Sorry, I've unfortunately corrected the wrong minutes (10-Mar instead of 
10-Feb), so please ignore this one.

Best regards


Michael Brauer wrote:
> MARCH, THE 10TH, 2003, 4PM GMT - 5:10PM GMT
> corrected 26-Mar-03, original version
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200302/msg00017.html
> Attendees
> ---------
> Doug Alberg <doug.alberg@boeing.com>, Boeing
> Phil Boutros <pboutros@stellent.com>, Stellent
> Michael Brauer <michael.brauer@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
> Simon Davis <simond@naa.gov.au>, National Archive of Australia
> Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
> Paul Grosso <pgrosso@arbortext.com>, Arbortext
> Paul Langille <paul.langille@corel.com>, Corel
> Uche Ogbuji <uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com>
> Daniel Vogelheim <daniel.vogelheim@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
> David Faure <faure@kde.org> (prospective member)
> TC membership
> -------------
> David Faure will become a voting member at the end of the meeting.
> John Chelsom and Mark Heller stepped down from voting members to observers.
> Acceptance of Minutes of the March, the 3rd meeting
> ------------------------------------------------------
> - The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.
> Action Items
> ------------
> - Daniel: Send link to updated TC spec/schemes maintained on OpenOffice.org
>    - in progress
> - Daniel: Suggest names for genre elements and attribute for master docs
>    - in progress
> - Editors: suggest Relax-NG schema changes according to the meeting
> decisions
>     - in progress
> - Daniel: provide examples for word-processor style lists in the base 
> format
>    - done, see
>       http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200303/msg00001.html
> Discussion of Work Package 3.1.2 Lists
> --------------------------------------
> - The TC unanimously agreed to replace the "text:ordered-list" and
> "text:unordered-list" list elements with a single "text:list", because
> the information whether a list is ordered or unordered is already
> contained in the list styles, so that different elements for ordered and
> unordered lists are in fact a redundancy. This also avoids the problem
> of overwriting the list type in a style, that even exists in HTML, where
> the list types can be overwritten with CSS rules.
> - The TC also discussed the addition of a level attribute to the
> paragraph element. This allows to assign a numbering style and a level
> to a paragraph without requiring a list and list-item element. This is
> considered to be useful by the TC, because word processors allow not
> only to have numbered paragraph one after another (what can be
> considered to be a list), but also to have them randomly distributed
> among a document. Representing the later kind of numbered paragraphs by
> list elements is considered to be less reasonable by the TC. The TC also
> discussed to completely remove the list and list-item elements. The
> advantage of this would be a single concept for numbered paragraphs. The
> disadvantage of this however would be that in this case even document
> where numbered paragraphs appear and behave like lists for the user
> would not reflect the list structure. Also transformations that deal
> with lists would get more complicated, and the resulting schema would
> differ from other schemes like XHTML that contain markup for lists.  A
> reasonable compromise seems to be to have both concepts, list and single
> numbered paragraphs. This on the one hand would allow to represent
> numbered paragraphs as list where they appear and behave like lists in
> word processor applications, without forcing numbered paragraphs to be
> represented as lists, where this is not the case. Michael Brauer will
> make a proposal for this on the TC lists and the discussion/voting of
> this will be continued on the list.
> New Action Items
> ----------------
> Michael: Make proposal for list/numbered paragraphs.
> Michael Brauer
> OASIS Open Office XML format TC chair

Michael Brauer                          Phone:  +49 40 23646 500
Technical Lead Software Engineering     Fax:    +49 40 23646 550
Star Office Software Entwicklungs GmbH
Sachsenfeld 4                           e-mail: michael.brauer@sun.com
D-20097 Hamburg, Germany

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