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Subject: Con call starting time/daylight saving time

Dear TC members,

Europe has switched to daylight saving times last weekend, North America 
will follow next weekend. In the Monday con call the attending TC 
members prefered to adapt the con call starting times to dayling saving 
times rather than keeping the GMT time. This would mean that the meeting 
starts at 3pm/6pm GMT (instead of 4pm/7pm GMT), but that the local 
starting times in North America  and Europe would not change. However, 
we want to give the non attending TC a chance to object to this time 
change. Objections should be announced in this list.

To avoid last minute time changes, the next meeting will take place on 
Monday, the 7th of April, at 3pm GMT/8am PDT/5pm CEST in any case.

Best regards


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