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Subject: Attributes from the XHTML namespace

Dear TC members,

I had an action item to compile a list where the Open Office XML format 
uses attributes that are existing in (X)HTML as well:

office shema attr      (X)HTML attr           (X)HTMl element
-----------------      ------------           ---------------
office:target-frame    xhtml:target           various hyperlink
form:method            xhtml:method           <form>
form:enctype           xhtml:enctype          <form>
office:server-map      xhtml:ismap            <img>
draw:nohref            xhtml:nohref           <area>
form:selected          xhtml:selected         <option>
form:default-value     xhtml:value            various controls
form:disabled          xhtml:disabled         various controls
form:tab-index         xhtml:tabindex         various controls
form:title             xhtml:title            various controls
form:max-length        xhtml:maxlength        <input>
form:size              xhtml:size             <select>
draw:display-border    xhtml:frameborder      <iframe>
draw:display-scrollbar xhtml:scrolling        <iframe>
draw:code              xhtml:code             <applet>
draw:name              xhtml:name             <param>
draw:value             xhtml:value            <param>

I did not include attributes that are already taken from the SVG or 
XSL-FO namespaces.

When looking at this list, I think it might be useful to use in fact 
some attributes from the xhtml namespace. This especially aplies to the 
first four, that are not only existing in HTML, but are also related to 
HTML/HTTP like form/hyperkink processing.

Best regards


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