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Subject: Re: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 19-May-03

Hello all,

> Two questions on embedded images came up, namely on keeping the aspect 
> ratio when resizing an image, and using images with horizontal rules. No 
> answer was found during the meeting.

OK, I know a little more by now:

1) The base format doesn't seem to have a flag for keeping the 
aspect-ration of iamges constant. Our application supports this, but 
doesn't save the flag anywhere. I don't see a problem in doing so.

2) OOo has a feature to insert 'graphical' horizontal rules, which 
inserts an image from a horizontal-rule-image-library. This is purely an 
OOo user interface thing, in that the 'horizontal rule' menu offers to 
insert either a true (but rather plain looking) rule, or insert a 
rule-like graphics. In the format, it's either a rule or a graphics. 
There's nothing special in there for 'graphic rules'.


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