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Subject: Visibility and protection of layers

Hi all,

in a previous meeting we have agreed to add visibilty and protection to 
drawing layers, as suggested by David. It was my action item to suggest 
names which are compatible with the rest of the format. Here goes:

Text sections have similar properties.
Protection:  <text:section text:protected="false" 
Visibilty:     <text:section text:display="true" text:condition="..." 

1) text:protected marks a section as write-protected.
2) text:protection-key stores the hash of a password to disable protection
3) text:display determines between normal display ("true"), hidden 
("none") or hidden based on a condition ("condition").
4) text:condition contains the condition string (if hiding is based on a 
5) text:is-hidden contains the last evaluation status of the condition 
to help those people who process the format (if hiding is based on a 

This has two features over the suggested layer extensions, namely 
password-protected protection, and visibility based on a condition. If 
we remove those, the attributes are:

This use is largely consistent with the same features elsewhere in the 
format. I found some uses of the same concept but with different names 
(readonly="true|false" for forms stuff, and visibility="visible|hidden" 
for presentations), but those aren't common I would suggest we fix 
those, and pattern new entries on the more dominant use of protection 
and display.

So... I suggest we add draw:protected="true|false" and 
draw:display="true|none" to the <draw:layer> element.


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