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Subject: Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 30 Jun 03

JUNE, THE 30TH, 2003, 3PM GMT  4:00PM GMT

Doug Alberg <doug.alberg@boeing.com>, Boeing
Phil Boutros <pboutros@stellent.com>, Stellent
Michael Brauer <michael.brauer@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com>
David Faure <faure@kde.org>
Jason Harrop <jharrop@speedlegal.com>, SpeedLegal
Tom Magliery <Tom.Magliery@corel.com>, Corel
Daniel Vogelheim <daniel.vogelheim@sun.com>, Sun Microsystems

Acceptance of Minutes of the June, the 16th meeting
- The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

Action Items
- Phil Boutros: create proposal for unifying change tracking in text and 
table documents
   - in progress
- Daniel Vogelheim: Create proposal for visibility and edit protection 
of layers
   - done, see
- Michael Brauer: Clarify usage of "transparency" and "opacity" in the 
   - done, see
- Daniel Vogelheim: Get in contact with SVG working group.
   - in progress

Discussion of Work Package 6.3 Other Graphical Content
The TC unanimously agreed Daniel Vogelheim's proposal for visibility and 
edit protection of layers 
(http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200306/msg00022.html), with 
the modification that "text:display" can have the values 

The TC also unanimously agreed to Michael Brauer's proposal to replace 
"transparency" with "opacity" if used in the context of graphical 
content (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200306/msg00023.html).

Discussion of Work Package 7 Business Charts
David Faure made a proposal for business charts 
(http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200306/msg00024.html). The 
TC agreed to compare this proposal with the existing specification for 
business charts and to continue the discussion of business charts after 
the comparison is done. The comparison will be made by Daniel Vogelheim, 
if possible before the TC meeting on July, the 21th.

The TC also discussed the extensibility of the specification for custom 
chart types. One possibility is to replace the chart type enumeration 
with a simple string value and to turn the existing enumeration values 
into predefined string values. The disadvantage of this solution is that 
chart type names might clash. Another possibility is to use URLs as 
unique chart names.  The TC also discussed whether there is some kind of 
reference book for chart types and its names and whether the predefined 
chart types should be explained in the specification, for instance by 
example images. The discussion will be continued together with the 
general chart discussion.

The TC agreed that to continue with a discussion of forms in the next TC 
meeting and to return to the business chart discussion afterwards.

New Action Items
- Daniel Vogelheim: Comparison of the existing chart specification with 
David Faure's proposal.

Michael Brauer

OASIS Open Office XML format TC chair

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