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Subject: Re: [office] Voting about forms

At 14:16 2003 07 24 +0200, Michael Brauer wrote:
>Dear TC members,
>I would like to remind you that our voting about forms closes on Friday, 1am PT. Please don't forget to vote if you didn't do so already.
>Thank you


I'm not sure how others feel, but I would like to see
a voting choice of "concur" on future votes.  This would
be interpreted as a vote in favor of the position that
(not counting "concur" votes) received the most votes.

This is useful when one doesn't know enough about a
given issue to take a particular stand, but one wishes
to support the decision of the group (whereas an
abstention doesn't contribute to reaching a quorum
in the voting).

Lacking that choice for this vote, I cannot really
vote on this issue.  (Provided we get enough votes
for this issue, I do not suggest a new vote, but I
do suggest a "concur" option in the future.)



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