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Subject: Re: [office] Re: [xml-dev] A few questions about the file format.

Hi David.

David Faure wrote:
> On Friday 15 August 2003 13:48, Michael Brauer wrote:
>>>Seems very difficult for another application to implement this, if the choice
>>>of the color (depending on the bg color) isn't better specified. I suggest that
>>>the actual algorithm to determine the text color from the bg color be part
>>>of the file format documentation...
>>The style:use-window-font-color specifies that the document window's 
>>text color should be used. It can be specified either by the operating 
>>system or the office application, but it is not document specific and 
>>can vary from system to system. Since this can result in unreadable 
>>documents if the font and the background color both are very dark or 
>>very light, black is used on very light background colors and dark on 
>>very bright colors. Ony may include the actual algorithm for this, but 
>>I'm not sure whether this is realy required, because there will be no 
>>guarentee that a certain color is used anyway, and whatever color is 
>>used, it is correct.
> Ah, I see. Only information I'm missing: when printing, which color will
> be used? Will that be always black?

> What about the background color? Can it come from the system palette too?
> (If not, then this is a feature I would like to see in the OASIS format).

Backgrounds work a little bit different, but still very similar: There 
is in fact a setting for the document background as well, and one of the 
values is to choose the operating system's default background color. 
Howether, that's an application setting. In the document itself, one can 
specify whether for instance a page should have a background or should 
be transparent. If it is transparent, the page's background color will 
be application setting for the background color.

So both, text in background colors have in common that there is an 
application setting, and that one value is to take the operating 
system's default color. To actually use the application setting for the 
text-color, one has to use the style:use-window-color attribute. To 
actually use the application setting for the background color, one has 
to set the fo:background-color attribute for the page to transparent.


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