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Subject: Charting + Leave Of Absence Notification

Hello everyone,

Two things...

1. I have to request a leave of absence from the teleconferences for an
indeterminate time. Hopefully it will be no longer than a month, but I
cannot be certain at this time.

2. As for my assigned task(s) regarding charting, I cannot provide the
table for charting comparison, as my schedule did not permit me to work
on the task for any period of time. However, I can give a small list of
the things that I would propose to add to the format (if they are not
already there) regarding source data and data organization:

- Specification of coordinate systems
- Notes (text)
- Title(s) for any rendered item
- Support for rendering values in chart
- Offsets of graph/text relations in polar/vector formats
- Coordinate System Mapping
- Scales
  - Linear
  - Exponential
  - Custom
- Range (custom values/data-linked + offset)
  - Type (polar, linear, exponential, text/ranged)
  - Interpolation
- Range Legend(s)- Series Data Sources
  - Tabular
  - Spreadsheet + Tabular
  - Formula (Linear Interpolation Points)
  - Formula (Exponential Interpolation Points)
  - Formula (Tabled Interpolation Points)
- Series Data Organization
  - X,Y,Z table ordering
  - Polar Organization
  - Reverse Series Switch
  - Data Set Selection
  - Column/Row Series Orientation
- Basic Charting Types
  - Area 
  - Scale 
  - Bar 
  - Bubble 
  - Gantt
  - High / Low 
  - Histogram 
  - Line
  - Pie 
  - Polar 
  - Radar 
  - Scatter 
  - Spectral 
  - Surface 
  - Combination (mixed) (showing coordinate based graphs in same chart) 
                        (we could look at supporting the additional 
                         radial-based graphs as well)

Sorry that I cannot provide the suite comparisons, however, with
complete coverage of the above attributes, the Open Office format should
cover most bases regarding business graphs from WP Office Suite.

When it came to rendering attributes, there were way too many attributes
that could play into what could be rendered. The WP Office suite has
huge amounts of customization for drawing. I could not hope to cover all
of the attributes we can attribute to data. As such, for these types of
attributes, I will recommend staying with the current Open Office
specification, but please keep extensibility and expandibility in mind
for future considerations.

Sorry about any inconvenience that this may cause.

Paul Langille - Software Developer - Corel

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