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Subject: Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes September 8th, 2003



Doug Alberg <doug.alberg@boeing.com>, Boeing
Patrick Durusau <pdurusau@emory.edu> <mailto:pdurusau@emory.edu>, Society of Biblical Literature
Gary Edwards <garyedwards@yahoo.com <mailto:garyedwards@yahoo.com>>
David Faure <faure@kde.org> <mailto:faure@kde.org>
Paul Grosso <pgrosso@arbortext.com>, Arbortext
Daniel Vogelheim <daniel.vogelheim@sun.com <mailto:daniel.vogelheim@sun.com>>, Sun

Acceptance of Minutes of the August 25th meeting
- The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes.

Action Items
- Phil Boutros: create proposal for unifying change tracking in text and table documents
  - in progress
- Paul Langille: additional chart format comparisons
  - in progress
- Paul Langille,Daniel Vogelheim: proposal for business charts
  - in progress
- Paul Langille:  Clarify usage of styles for underlining.
  - done: See http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200308/msg00033.html

Discussion of Work Package 5.3 Style Properties
The TC continued the discussed of text formatting properties as described in section 3.10 of the OpenOffice.org XML specification.

The TC briefly discussed Michael's proposal for underlining. The issue was deferred to the Sept. 22nd meeting, when Michael will have returned.

The TC discussed introduction of an over-lining attribute which would work just as underlining does, except above the text. Since no supporting product and no compelling use case was found, the TC decided to not include overlining at this point in time.

The TC discussed Michael's proposal for a simplified *-asian and *-complex attribute processing. The proposal was accepted unanimously.

The TC discussed the issue of style:text-background-color, which can be replaced by the background-color attribute since paragraph and character properties are now kept in separate elements. The TC unanimously agreed to remove style:text-background-color. 

The TC discussed David's suggestions for paragraph alignment dependent on the first character in a paragraph. The discussion revealed that instead alignment should probably be enhanced with an 'automatic' value and the writing mode could be made dependent on the first letter. The 'automatic' alignment would align a paragraph left or right, depending on the writing mode. No agreement was reached, so this will be discussed in next week's meeting.

Discussion of Section Properties and 
No proposal for section properties were suggested. Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Discussion of Graphics Properties
No proposal for graphics properties were suggested. Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Early Draft Spec

Daniel has posted an early version of our specification. Please have a look at it, and post any comments you have.

New Action Items
No new action items.

Hope I didn't miss anything...

Daniel Vogelheim

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