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Subject: Paragraph Alignment

Hi all,

I had an action item to determine the use of the paragraph alignment 
attribute in OOo XML.

Well, OOo uses a subset of the fo:text-align attribute, namely the 
values 'start', 'end', 'justify' and 'center'. However, OOo interprets 
'start'/'end' as 'left'/'right'. I guess we could consider that a bug in 
the OOo implementation, in that 'start'/'end' are clearly intended to be 
writing-mode dependent, while 'left'/'right' are not. The original 
fo:text-align attribute supports both, 'left'/'right' and 'start'/'end'.

So, I see two requirements here:
1. We need to represent our old documents (with left/right alignment)
2. David needs a writing-mode dependent start alignment.

A fairly obvious solution is to extend the range of allowed 
fo:text-align attribute values to cover all these cases, i.e. 'left', 
'right', 'start', 'center', 'justify', and this is what I propose the TC 
will accept.

So far, nobody asked for an 'end' alignment. I'm not sure if it would 
make sense to include it anyway.


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