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Subject: Re: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Minutes 22 September2003


David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 September 2003 12:37, Michael Brauer wrote:
>>The TC further discussed underlining and crossing out, especially the 
>>proposal to introduce a line style concept for underlining/crossing out. 
>>That is, to introduce style elements that specify all properties of a 
>>line like its type (dotted, solid, etc.) and its width and to reference 
>>these elements within text styles to specify the line style that should 
>>be used for a certain underlining/crossing out in the text. The TC 
>>unanimously agreed to move the discussion of such line styles into the 
>>second TC phase and to add a CSS3 based specification for 
>>underlining/crossing out that can be enhanced later on. Michael Brauer 
>>will create a proposal for this based on the already existing proposals. 
>>A voting about this proposal shall take place by e-mail.
> I am a bit surprised by this. I thought we had a rather complete specification
> (from Michael's and my proposals). Was there any problems with those
> proposals? Otherwise I don't see much point in delaying this decision
> (and working some more right now on a reduced, probably incompatible, solution).

There were no problems with the existing proposal from you and my 
comments to it, except that we discussed them some weeks ago. For this 
reason it seemed to be more convenient to summarize these proposals once 
again and start an e-mail voting rather than voting about them 
immediately. This means that the the CSS3 based specification mentioned 
in the minutes is exactly your proposal.


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