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Subject: Proposal for automatic writing mode

Dear TC members,

as agreed in the last TC meeting, I'd like to make the following 
proposal regarding the writing-mode for text and paragraph alignemnt 
that is based on David Faure's suggestions and the discussions of the 
last few weeks:

I'd like to propose
- to add a "style:writing-mode-automatic" attribute that is a paragraph 
formatting property and takes the values "true" and "false", and
- to remove the "style:text-auto-align" attribute that has been 
introduced in the 21 August TC meeting.

If "style:writing-mode-automatic" is given for a paragraph and if its 
value is "true", then an application is allowed to recalculate the 
writing mode of the paragraph based on it's content whenever the content 
changes. The actual value for the writing-mode should be contained in 
the already specified "fo:writing-mode" attribute, so that applications 
that do not support an automatic writing mode calculation or use a 
different algorithm always know the actual value.

By specifying a "fo:text-align='start'" attribute additinoally, the text 
alignemnt can be adapted to the writing mode automatically as well. For 
this reason, the "style:text-auto-align" attribute becomes obsolete.

If no one objects, I will start a voting about this proposal tomorrow 
(Friday, the 26th) with the following options:

1) I agree to this proposal
2) I disagree to this proposal
3) I concur to the majority of votes

The voting wil be open until Friday, the 3rd of October.

Best regards


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