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Subject: Some minor errors in OpenOffice.org specification

Dear TC members,

whil preparing myself for todays con call, I've found a few minor errors 
in the table properties section (4.18) of the OpenOffice.org specification.

- 4.18.5 and 4.18.12: There is no page sequence entry point, and no 
page-style-name attribute. Instead of this, the style:master-page-name
attribute (described on page 58) is used to insert page breaks that 
starts a new master page.
- 4.21.4 and 4.21.7: Text Outline and Text Shadow. A cell style in 
general may also contain text and paragraph attributes. Text outline and 
shadow are already described in Text Formatting Properties section, so 
they don't have to be described as cell properties additionally.
- 4.12.18: style:data-style-name is an attribute that can be attached to 
  the <style:style> element rather than to the <style:properties> element.

Best regards


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