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Subject: XSL FO table groups

At 09:11 2003 10 01 +0200, Michael Brauer wrote:

>New Action Items
>- Paul Grosso: Clarify whether XSL-FO supports table border specifications based on row and column groups.

The answer is mostly no, if I understand what we're
looking for.

XSL-FO has no such "row group" concept other than
that of fo:table-body, fo:table-header, fo:table-footer.

It does have a "number-columns-repeated" property that
can go on the fo:table-column object which "specifies 
the repetition of a table-column specification n times; 
with the same effect as if the fo:table-column formatting 
object had been repeated n times in the result tree."  It
is said that "This handles HTML's 'colgroup' element."


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