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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal for table templates


David Faure wrote:
> On Monday 06 October 2003 14:41, Michael Brauer wrote:
>>Anyway, maybe "row" and "column" (or even 
>>"first-row" and "first-column" would be more intuitive as names for the 
>>attributes "table:topleftcorner" etc., because the attribute then reads 
>>as something like "take the style for the top left corner from the row". 
> Indeed.
> (hmm, first-row would mean that it would be last-row for bottom corners,
> so this sounds like more opportunities for getting it wrong if writing it
> by hand - or when writing converters). I think just 'row' / 'column' is simpler.

You are right. 'row' / 'column' in fact seems to be easier.

>>I'm also wondering whether we should rename the <table:first-row> to 
>><table:top-row> etc. to use the same terms within the template.
> You mean using the same element name, but different attributes?

I mean something like

<table:table-template table:top-left-corner="row" ...>
   <table:top-row table:style-name="graystyle"/>

That is, we use the terms "top" whenever the top (or first) row is 
referenced and "left" whenever the left (or first) column is referenced.

Best regards


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