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Subject: Presentation at Open Standards 2003 conference and Digital Preseration article

As I have mentioned in a previous phone conference, I recently gave a
presentation at the OASIS Open Standards 2003 conference in Sydney where I
mentioned the work of the Open Office TC. The paper is now available on the
web (at http://www.open-standards.com/papers/SimonDavis.pdf). Unfortunately,
access requires a username and password. I'm in the process of finding out
from the conference organisers if I can share this username and password
with others.

Also, Computerworld Australia has an article on some of the digital
preservation work we are doing at the National Archives. The article makes
mention of OpenOffice.org and the TC. Its called: "Australia's history
archived in OpenOffice.org" and can be found at


Simon Davis
Assistant Director, Digital Preservation
National Archives of Australia

384 Berwick Street
East Victoria Park WA 6101
+61 8 94707521

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