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Subject: Bilbiography Configuration


Unfortunately, we forgot to describe the bibliography configuration in 
the OOo spec. Here's what it does:

The bibliography configuration is contained in the document's style 
section. It contains essentially two bibliography-specific information 
items, namely 1) how an entry is displayed in-line, and 2) how entries 
are put into the bibliography index.

The first item is handled by prefix and suffix strings, and boolean 
value for numbering. With prefix and suffix "[" and "]" a bibliography 
item "Abc123" would be displayed as "[Abc123]" in the document body. The 
boolean entry for numbering determines whether a bibliography entrie's 
short form or a number is used to identify the entry. In the former case 
an entry would be [5], in the latter it would be [abc123], provided the 
entry has a short name of abc123.

The second item contains primarily the sorting information for the 
bibliography entries. Entries can be sorted eitehr by document position 
(in particular useful for numbered entries), or by an arbitrary 
selection of entry fields, e.g. author name or publication date. The 
collating order for entries is determined by the triplet 
language/country/sort-algorithm. The latter is not usually used for 
European languages, but is a necessity for some Asian languages that 
have no 'natural' order for their ideographic characters. In such 
countries, different sorting algorithms (e.g. by pronounciation) may be 
in use.

<!ELEMENT text:bibliography-configuration (text:sort-key)*>
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration text:prefix %string; #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration text:suffix %string; #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration text:numbered-entries 
%boolean; "false">
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration text:sort-by-position 
%boolean; "true">
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration fo:language %string; #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration fo:country %string; #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST text:bibliography-configuration text:sort-algorithm %string; 

<!ELEMENT text:sort-key EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST text:sort-key text:key ( address | annote | author |
        bibliography-type | booktitle | chapter | custom1 | custom2 |
        custom3 | custom4 | custom5 | edition | editor | howpublished |
        identifier | institution | isbn | journal | month | note | number |
        organizations | pages | publisher | report-type | school | series |
        title | url | volume | year ) #REQUIRED>
<!ATTLIST text:sort-key text:sort-ascending %boolean; "true">


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