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Subject: RE: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Agenda 3 November, 2003

hello everyone,
i will be traveling tomorrow and unable to join the call.

	-----Original Message----- 
	From: Michael Brauer [mailto:michael.brauer@sun.com] 
	Sent: Thu 10/30/2003 12:24 AM 
	To: office@lists.oasis-open.org 
	Subject: [office] Open Office XML Format TC Meeting Agenda 3 November, 2003

	Open Office XML Format TC
	Agenda Phone Conference 3 November 2003
	The Open Office XML Format Technical Committee will have its next
	meeting on Monday, November the 3rd, at 8am PT (4pm GMT).
	Please notify the TC mailing list if you are not able to attent to the
	con call, so that the con call can be moved if necessary.
	The teleconference phone number can be found at the TC's web page at
	Attendance to the conference is restricted to members and prospective
	members of the committee.
	This agenda refers to work packages that are explained in
	Time (PDT)      Topic
	----------      -----
	8:00-8:05       Roll Call
	8:05-8:10       Approval of last meeting's minutes, action item review
	8:05-8:55       Discussion and decisions of
	                  - 9 Events and Scripts
	                   - 10 (Document specific) settings
	8:55-9:00       New Action-Item-Review
	In case you have certain issues regarding above topics that you would
	like to discuss in the meeting, please announce
	them on the TC's mailing list.
	Best regards
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