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Subject: Charts

Hi all,

one of the larger open issues is the charting feature. Before Paul
Langille took a leave-of-absence from the TC, he posted a list of
chart features he'd like to see covered. I've asked for input of our
chart implementers, which returned an annotated version of Paul's
list. Appended are several suggestions from their side as well.

The majority of features is already covered in the spec (68x [OK]).
There's a large amount of things that are unclear (48x [???]). There
are a total of 20 issues to be solved (20x [TODO]), and three where
they recommend against (3x [XXX]).

Any comments, especially on the 'ranking' of the items? I hope that
Paul Langille still follows the group, and could comment on this,
particularly on the [???] and [XXX] items.

Since this has been dragging along for some time, I suggest we proceed
as follows:

We'll discuss the remaining chart items and their 'ranking', and add
missing ones. (David, does this cover KChart?)

I will start making proposals (as in: which elements/attributes to
add/change) for some of the [TODO] issues. I'm fairly certain I won't
have enough time to cover all (or even a majority) of them, but maybe
someone else is interested enough to add proposals. Everything marked as
[TODO] for which no proposals are received in time will be moved to
phase 2. I.e., essentially I want us to agree on a ranking, and then
cut of phase-2-issues according to time.


This is Paul's list, with annotations from OOo's chart people, plus
some of their own suggestions.


[OK]:   This feature is already covered by the spec.
[TODO]: This feature is not covered, and should be included.
[???]:  Don't understand
[XXX]:  We recommend against this feature.
(...):  Additional comment or question

Charting Feature Map

[OK]   * Title
[OK]   * Subtitle
[TODO] * Footnote (If a footer is meant)
[OK]   * X-Axis Title
[OK]   * Y1- Axis Title
[OK]   * Y2 - Axis Title (not implemented in OOo)
[OK]   * Z - Axis Title
[???]  * Series
             (when saving data in own table, which is deprecated.
              Referring to a series' data via cell ranges allows
              everything the container understands.)
[OK]        o Row (X)
[OK]        o Column (Y)
[XXX]       o Table (Z)
[???]  * Reversed Series Flag
[???]  * Column/Row Series Orientation
[OK]   * Legend Labels
         (if this only includes automatically generated labels from
          series names)
[OK]   * X-Axis Labels (one categories element available at plot-area)
[TODO] * Y-Axis Labels (if this means categories for y-axis)
[???]  * Value/Formula Label Generation
[OK]   * Fills (clear/pattern/gradient/scaled picture)
[???]  * Advanced Rendering Form?
[OK]   * Chart Types
[OK]        o Area
[???]            + Scale
[OK]        o Bar
[OK]        o Bubble (not implemented in OOo)
[OK]        o Gantt (can be identified by addin-name with chart type
                     add-in. If more data sequences than usual are needed,
                     you can use further domain-elements)
[???]            + Resource Allocations
[???]            + Task Identifiers
[OK]        o High / Low stock-chart
[OK]        o Histogram
                (not implemented in OOo. Can be done with chart-type
                 "bar" and a domain.)
[OK]        o Line
[OK]        o Mixed (if this means mixing several of the other chart types)
[OK]        o Pie
[???]       o Polar (Difference to Radar?
[OK]        o Radar
[???]            + Axis Ratio
[OK]        o Scatter
[???]       o Spectral (see comment for Gannt chart)
[TODO]      o Surface
[TODO]  * 2-1/2D Depth
[???]   * Rendering Styles
[???]       o Row
[???]       o Column
[???]       o X-Axis
[???]       o Y-Axis
[???]       o Z-Axis
[???]       o Title
[???]       o Text
[OK]    * LightSource (3D)
[OK]    * Shading (3D)
        * Series Types
             (chart types at series are possible. How is this related to
              chart types above?)
[OK]        o Area
[OK]        o Bar
[OK]        o Line
[???]       o Line And Marker
[???]       o Marker
        * Fill Types
[OK]        o None
[OK]        o Tile
[OK]             + Background Color (for hatches)
[???]            + Foreground Color
                       (hatches have one color in their definition)
[OK]             + Tile Image (1-bit) (Bitmaps)
[OK]        o Gradient
[???]       o Pattern (what's the difference to a tile image)
[OK]        o Image
        * Line
[OK]        o Colors (one color)
            o Drawing Style
[OK]             + Solid
[OK]             + Dot
[OK]             + Dash
[OK]             + Dot Dash
[OK]             + Dot Dash Dash
[OK]             + Etc.
[OK]        o Width
        * Legend Layout
[TODO]      o Horizontal
[TODO]      o Vertical
[OK]        o Location (x,y)
[???]       o Symbols
[???]       o Bounding Box
            o Bounding Box Location
[OK]             + Left
[OK]             + Right
[XXX]            + Center
[OK]             + Top
[OK]             + Bottom
[XXX]            + Middle
        * Graph Angle (3D / 2-1/2D)
[OK]        o X
[OK]        o Y
[OK]        o Z
            o Perspective
[???]            + Horizontal
[???]            + Vertical
        * Bar Interspacing (bar / 3d / area)
[OK]        o Percentage of row
[???]       o Percentage of column (only for 3d charts?)
        * Grid Properties (Axis)
[OK]        o Major Line Type
[OK]        o Minor Line Type
[???]       o Vertical Count
[???]       o Horizontal Count
[???]       o Radial Count
[???]       o Rendering Type
[???]       o Grid Properties
[???]       o Grid Line Ratio
                 (Number of Major to Number of Minor)
                 (what is the difference to Increment Minor)
[OK]        o Minimum Value
[OK]        o Maximum Value
[???]       o Major Grid Value
            o Scale Method
[OK]             + Linear
[OK]             + Logarithmic
[TODO]           + Custom
            o Increments
[OK]             + Major
[OK]             + Minor
[???]       o Grid / Axis Intersection Tick
[???]            + Orientation
[???]            + Symbol
[???]            + Color
[???]            + Major
[???]            + Minor
        * Label Properties
[TODO]      o X offset
[TODO]      o Y offset
[OK]        o Rotation Angle
[???]       o Orientation
[???]       o Scale offset
[???]       o Line Legends
        * Frame Styles (asuming Plot Area?)
[OK]        o Lines
[OK]        o Fill
[TODO]      o Shadow
[TODO]      o Shadow Angle
[???]       o Fill (see styles above)
[OK]    * Zero Baseline Flag (Origin?)
        * Orientation (bar / line / area / surface)
[OK]        o Horizontal
[OK]        o Vertical
        * Stacking (bar / area )
[OK]        o Overlap
[OK]        o Stacked
[OK]        o Stack Scaled (Percent Stacked)
        * Range Blending (Color shifts)
[???]       o Scales of blending ranges (percentages)
[???]   * Sample marks (values on graph)
[???]   * Charting Styles Reference

Additional Items:

[TODO]  * Move categories element from plot-area to axis element.
          (to allow categories for y axis)
[TODO]  * Deprecate table element. Instead refer to data via cell-ranges
[TODO]  * Add footer element (text:p element) as child of chart element
[TODO]  * attribute label-cell-address of series may become a
          cell-range-address to allow spanning more than one cell.
[TODO]  * Extend list of built-in chart-types: surface, gantt.
          Probably: histogram, candlestick, spectral
[TODO]  * Legend expansion: wide/high (square). (see Legend Layout).
          Maybe also legend-alignment (KOffice) center, begin, end
          (meaning begin-/end of line or page)
[TODO]  * move attributes gap-width and overlap from axis to ?
[TODO]  * axis: replace interval-minor by count-minor
[TODO]  * axis: scaling: allow custom types
          (instead of boolean attr logarithmic)

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