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Subject: Re: [office] Chart proposal [legend-position]

Hi David,

You wrote:

>>The problem with this suggestion is that the corner case (e.g. BottomRight) 
>>don't really fit in. These are arguably the least useful of the cases 
>>(because they leave so little room for the chart itself); 
>Possibly. I guess we have them for a reason though (who knows - the user can
>put big labels in the additional room).


>>they could be accomodated by making an additional alignment values
>Yes, what about two more values... Ah I see: it has to be only one, otherwise 
>there are two ways to model the "bottom right corner" case.

Yes.. :-)

>>such as  
>>corner-clockwise, which would place the legend into the next corner 
>>(clockwise) from the main position. That is, admittedly, a bit ugly.
>Maybe another attribute, a boolean named like "corner placement", which would 
>only be applicable if alignment is start or end?
>Although here again we'd have two way to model each corner.
>And if we state that it's only applicable if alignment is 'end', then this is just
>like the corner-clockwise solution, with a different name and another attribute :)

Well... I sort of cheated by not defining what begin and end means. In 
all other instances it is generally relative to the writing mode. If so, 
then using a corner at the end-alignment doesn't work. In European-style 
left-to-right, top-to-bottom writing, right/align:end and 
bottom/align:end would both refer to the lower right corner, while the 
upper left corner can't be reached by any 'end' alignment. The only 
non-redundant way of encoding this I found is to use clockwise (or 
counter-clockwise)... :-/


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