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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [office] Open issues for phase 1 exit]

Hi all,

Daniel Vogelheim wrote:
> Hi all,
> here's a copy of Michael's 'phase 1 exit' document. Please peruse it and 
> see if there is anything that should be done in this phase, but is 
> missing from the document.

There is in fact at least one item missing: It is the action item 
regarding unifying change tracking in text and table documents.


> Namespace URI
> -------------
> The namespace URIs for the Open Office Format have to be specified. I 
> will check whether there is an OASIS recommendation for this. When 
> looking at the URIs other TCs use, I assume they have to look like
> urn:oasis:names:tc:OpenOffice:1.0:office
> urn:oasis:names:tc:OpenOffice:1.0:text
> etc.
> Related to this is the question whether the namespace URIs we use should 
> link to an existing document.

The URN schema used by OASIS is described in RFC 3121 (for instance 
available at http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc3121.html)

Though many TCs use that URN schema, there seems to be no rule that 
every TC has to use it.

For XSD as well as for DTDs, URNs might be used for the namespaces, but 
the schema itself can be located by an HTTP URL. This does not apply to 
Relax-NG schemes, and also does not apply to the namespaced names we use 
for instance to identify chart types.


> Schema language
> ---------------
> At the beginning of our work (at January the 6th) we agreed to use 
> Relax-NG as working language, but to deliver DTD and XSD schemas as 
> well. We postponed the decision which schema languages should be 
> normative until the end of the first phase, where we now are.

Schema languages currently are also a topic in the UBL TC. Some valuable 
information is contained in the following mail:



Best regards


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