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Subject: Some first thoughts about TC phase 2

Dear TC members,

since we are reaching the end of our first TC phase, it seems to be 
reasonable to start with first considerations about the second TC phase. 
To provide some ideas how the 2nd phase could look like, I've collected 
the information regarding this TC phase we have so far. Until now, this 
is only a list of items that could serve as a starting point for 
discussions. It should not be understood as a finished proposal.

TC charter
According to the TC's charter, the 2nd TC phase has the following purpose:

"In the second phase, this TC will extend the base specification to 
encompass additional areas of applications or users. The work of this TC 
in the second phase will additionally allow for the following areas:
a. enabling additional areas of application,
b. exploring new or experimental ideas for office document 
representation, and
c. extending the expressiveness of the format."

Items moved to the 2nd phase
During our discussions, we moved some items into the second TC phase 
already. The following is a (hopefully) complete list of these items:

- multiple body elements (3 Feb 03)
- General concept for hiding content based on conditions (7 Apr 03)
- Enhanced change tracking for text documents (14 Apr 03)
- Enhanced gradients (16 Jun 03)
- Multiple strokes per shape (16 Jun 03)
- Style concept for underlining/crossing out (22 Sep 03)
- Chart extensions (1 Dec 03)

An aspect that is not covered by the current charter for the 2nd TC 
phase is that some vendors want to adopt the OASIS Open Office format as 
native or default file format for their software. These vendors usually 
have certain release dates for their software, as well as certain 
features they want to implement. To give these vendors the chance to 
plan their releases, as well as to ship with a file format approved the 
the TC (that is a committee draft), it might be reasonable to split the 
TC into two tracks or sub committees. The first sub committee could work 
as stated in the current charter and without having the requirement to 
have a specification ready at a certain date. In contrast to this, the 
second sub committee would have a fixed release schedule, but would only 
work an small and compatible enhancements to approved committee drafts.

Although both sub committees would have their discussions separately, 
they also could or even have to work together closely: The “maintenance” 
SC could pass topics to the “enhancements” SC at any time, while the 
“enhancements” SC could pass proposals or finished specification to the 
“release” SC for integration into the next or one of the next 

Start of phase 2
If we assume that we will finish our phase 1 discussions this year, we 
might be able to have the specifications/schemas ready by end of January 
2004, and to have the voting for a committee draft in February 2004. 
Phase 2 therefor might start around March 2004.

Meeting Schedule
The original call for participation include the following proposal 
regarding the meeting schedule:

"During the second phase the TC shall meet monthly over the
phone, or as it is agreed upon at that time."

Best regards


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