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Subject: Chart Footers

Hi all,

we have previously discussed chart footers, and my action item was to 
prepare an email voting on the issue.

The issue is that currently there is no way to specify any kind of 
footer text for charts. One could abuse a title element and manually 
place it at the bottom of the chart, but that would loose the 
auto-placement features. Hence, the basic proposal is to add a 
chart:footer element, that works exactly like the chart:title and 
chart:subtitle elements, except that it is default placed at the bottom. 
This was agreed upon, but no formal vote was taken.

David asked whether the (newly enhanced) placement options for legends 
would also apply to footers (and titles). Currently, they don't. The 
current setup is that titles are either auto-placed (at the top), or 
manually. Legends have multiple 'automatic' placement options; these 
could be adopted for titles/subtitles/footers as well. The names would 
then have to change from chart:legend-position to chart:postion.

For the vote, I would thus suggest the following options:

1) No change from OOo base specification

2) Add a <chart:footer> element with the same semantics and attributes 
as <chart:title> (and <chart:subtitle>), except that by default it is 
placed at the bottom.

3) Add <chart:footer> as in 2). Also, allow the legend placement 
attributes on the title, subtitle and footer elements. Since these 
attributes are now general purpose placement attribtues, the word 
'legend-' should be removed from the attribute name, making it 
'chart:position' instead of 'chart:legend-position'.

4) I concur with the majority decision.

I think the vote itself must be setup by the TC chair.


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