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Subject: [Fwd: Groups - oasis - Ballot "Chart Footers" has been amended]

Dear TC members,

I have just noticed that the options two and three of the "Chart 
Footers" voting are unreadable, because they contain "<" characters. 
Allthough the two options are described in


I've added a comment describing what these options are. This caused the 
following message to be send.

Best regards


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Groups - oasis - Ballot "Chart Footers" has been amended
Date: 29 Dec 2003 13:55:01 -0000
From: workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org
To: michael.brauer@sun.com

OASIS Open Office XML Format TC member,

An open ballot presented to OASIS Open Office XML Format TC has been 
amended.  This ballot was opened on Thursday, 18 December 2003 @ 5:00 am 
PT and closes on Saturday, 3 January 2004 @ 12:00 am PT.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this email; instead, vote using this link:


Here is the amended ballot:
"Chart Footers"
Please vote about the chart footer proposal described in

Amendment Posted on 12/29/2003:
Options two and three unfortunately are unreadable. They should be
2) Add a "chart:footer" element only
3) Add a "chart:footer" element and enhanced placement options.

- 1) No change from OOo base specification
- 2) Add a
- 3) Add
- 4) I concur with the majority decision.


If this changes your vote, please send an email to 
tc_admin@oasis-open.org, asking that your vote for this ballot be 
deleted.  If you do not want to change your vote, no action on your part 
is necessary.  If you have not voted on this ballot, please vote at your 
earliest convenience by visiting the following URL:

Thank you,
OASIS Open Administration

Michael Brauer                          Phone:  +49 40 23646 500
Technical Lead Software Engineering     Fax:    +49 40 23646 550
Star Office Software Entwicklungs GmbH
Sachsenfeld 4                           e-mail: michael.brauer@sun.com
D-20097 Hamburg, Germany

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