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Subject: Open Office TC: Namespace URN and MIME types


the Open Office schema will make use of XML namespaces. Since an office 
document contains different types of content simultaneously, the schema 
defines multiple namespace names, for instance one for common content, 
one for text content, one for table content, etc.

The Open Office TC agreed that the namepsace names should be URNs as 
described in RFC 3121. Am I right that the namespace URNs for the first 
version of our schema (called 1.0) have to be as follows?


In case the Open Office schema and specification would become an OASIS 
specification, could we continue to use these URNs, or would we have to 
switch to an URN starting with "urn:oasis:names:specification:"?

The TC further agreed to specify MIME types for Open Office documents. 
Our proposal is to use the following MIME types:


(respectively application/x-vnd.oasis.openoffice.<subtype> until the
registration of the MIME types has been accepted), where subtype is one 
of "text", "spreadsheet", "presentation", "drawing" or "chart", 
dependent of the prefered type of application that should be used to 
edit the document. Do you agree to use these MIME types?

We further would like to register these MIME types at IANA. Is this 
something that the OASIS staff would have to do, or is a TC allowed to 
do this itself?

Thanks in advance for answering our questions.

Best regards


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